We administer the Pension Scheme for more than 170 Employers. These are split into the categories of Scheduled Bodies, Resolution Bodies and Admitted Bodies.

Scheduled Bodies have an automatic right to be in the Pension Scheme. Resolution Bodies can enter based on resolving to do so for one or more members, for Admitted Bodies, this is subject to meeting the eligibility criteria and a legal agreement called an Admission Agreement being signed by the relevant parties.

Further information about how a new Employer can join the Fund and further explanation of these terms can be found on the Employers Information page.

Wiltshire Pension Fund is committed to providing an excellent service for employers in administering the Pension Scheme for their employees. We aim to provide clear and comprehensive information on this website, provide a good response to queries raised by email or telephone, and to process information accurately.

We also have the Employers Information Area on this website which holds a substantive amount of information, along with the Employer Forms area where all the forms you need are held. We regularly aim to update all information on the website, as well as sending regular Technical Updates, Newsletters and holding regular Employer Forum meetings for all employers. For any employer support or guidance issues, which cannot be found in the Employers Area of the website, please contact Denise Robinson on 01225 713505 or email: [email protected]





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