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Adopter of the Impact Investing Principles for Pensions

Aerial shot of compass image on the floor, with people stood around the edge and pension for purpose logo, wiltshire pension fund logo

We are delighted to become the latest Adopter of the Impact Investing Principles for Pensions 

Aerial shot of compass image on the floor, with people stood around the edge and pension for purpose logo, wiltshire pension fund logo
Demonstrating Wiltshire Pension Fund's endorsement of the principles and commitment to impact investing, which provide support to pension funds in adopting impact investing. 

Jennifer Devine, Head of Wiltshire Pension Fund says:

"Wiltshire Pension Fund Committee believe that investing with a positive social and environmental impact is an increasingly important issue for investors and can be achieved alongside competitive market returns. Investing with impact can also help incorporate risk and return drivers which would otherwise not be considered. The Fund wishes to invest in a way that minimises negative impacts on society and the environment and, where possible, makes a positive contribution."
Wiltshire Pension Fund is the ninth pension scheme Adopter demonstrating their commitment to the Principles, other Adopters being The Aon MasterTrust, Clwyd Pension Fund, Collegia, Environment Agency Pension Fund, London CIV, Smart Pension Master Trust, South Yorkshire Pensions Authority and Surrey Pension Fund.

What are the Investing Principles?

The Principles provide an accessible introduction to impact investing and the concrete steps pension schemes can take to pursue an impact investing strategy, as well as helpful further resources. They were designed, in consultation with leading practitioners and with input from key stakeholders (pension funds, investment consultants and managers as well as member associations), to address the growing need for best practice guidelines on how to set, implement, review and measure an impact strategy. The Principles represent a dynamic template given that impact investing is an evolving area, and they will be updated based on what is learnt and developed from the Impact Investing Adopters Forum as well as other initiatives and partnerships.

Want to Learn More?

Visit our Stewardship pages to learn more about our activities and outcomes in this important area, and for examples which bring engagements to life.

Wiltshire Pension Fund has made specific allocations in its investment strategy with the intention of measuring impact.  Find our more in our first Affordable Housing Impact Report below! 


Affordable Housing Impact Report cover image
Affordable Housing Impact Report 2023
Purposeful pensions text with logos with image of tree in the background
Purposeful Pensions - its landed!
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Investing in our own backyard
affordable housing
Affordable Housing Update
New build homes
Wiltshire Pension Fund Affordable Housing Commitment



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