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LGPS Create is here!

e-signing LGPS create online portal

We've listened to our scheme employers as well as those looking to join the Fund, regarding the time it takes for an admission agreement to be set up when you outsource a new contract e.g. catering or cleaning - so we've introduced LGPS Create!

e-signing LGPS create online portal

Our vision is to deliver an outstanding service to our scheme employers and members

LGPS Create is a secure portal where we can share admission agreement details with our legal representatives Eversheds Sutherland, who will then draft the admission agreements and send these to all relevant parties for signing, via DocuSign. By using DocuSign and LGPS Create, we are supporting our strategic goal of straightforward administration through the significant reduction of turnaround times. The admission agreements will typically be drafted and sent within days rather than several weeks or months as previously. We also have the added function of automatic reminders to those that have received an admission agreement to sign but have yet to do so. This is a great example of increased efficiency through technology.


Once all parties have signed the admission agreement and the final version is received by the Fund, the new employer can legally be admitted to the Fund and pay their contributions. This is a fantastic step in helping our employers be advocates for the scheme through collaboration and smarter working practices. 

Efficiency through technology, smarter working, straight forward administration, clear service measures, employers advocates, compliance and best practise.


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