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Our vision, goals and values


Vision and Long-term Plan

Wiltshire Pension Fund administers the pensions for the >80,000 members of our scheme, for our c.180 employers. It is our responsibility to ensure that the members' records are kept accurate and up to date, and that the correct benefits are paid on time. We need to responsibly manage the Fund's investments in order to ensure that we generate sufficient investment returns to help maintain the employers' contributions rates at stable and affordable levels. For our members, their pension represents a significant asset, which will help secure their financial future into retirement. The Fund's focus needs to be firmly set on achieving outcomes for our customers, i.e. the scheme employers and members. Everything that we do needs to keep this in mind, and decisions need to be made with an eye to the end goal of delivering an outstanding service, as set out in the Fund's vision:

Our vision is to deliver an outstanding service to our scheme employers and members

Everyone's role in the team either directly contributes to the vision, or creates the foundations and environment which make it possible. We will measure success against the vision by monitoring our progress against various service-related KPIs, targets, and actions.

Strategic Vision Goals

The vision is supported by 16 strategic vision goals, which are focussed on outcomes. The goals broadly map to outcomes for employers, members, investments, and governance, but across the team staff are encouraged to think about how their work maps to different goals.

Goals Full

  1. Stable and affordable contributions
  2. Straight-forward administration
  3. Clear service measures and responsibilities
  4. Employers are advocates for the scheme
  5. Correct pension, paid timely
  6. Accurate up-to-date records
  7. Service administered effectively and cost efficiently
  8. Members understand their benefits
  9. Safeguard the assets
  10. Strong risk-adjusted returns
  11. Responsible ownership and stewardship
  12. Positive impact
  13. Robust processes, controls and risk management
  14. Widely adopted self-service solutions
  15. Transparency and information sharing
  16. Compliance and best practice

Our Culture

In order to help us achieve our strategic goals, and deliver our vision, we need to adopt certain outlooks and ways of working. We aim to demonstrate the following values, and embed them firmly in our culture:


  • Working together as One Fund
    We work together as One Fund, demonstrating the values of transparency, accountability, ownership, critical thinking, respect and agility
  • High performing team
    We aspire to be role models and leaders, through our commitment to develop knowledge and training
  • Data driven decisions
    We use data to inform decision making, and to measure our progress and successes
  • Efficiency through technology
    We collaborate, and challenge our systems and processes, to create innovative solutions and drive continuous improvement
  • Long term thinking
    We always act with the long term in mind, together we are setting our investment strategy, planning improvements, or working towards our net zero by 2050 goal
  • Clear communications
    We communicate with all our stakeholders in a clear, concise, relevant and effective way
  • Smarter working
    We maintain focus on our core objectives, and work in a proactive and disciplined way, to promote simplicity and efficiency in everything we do.

Customer Mission

The customer experience is important to us, and we aim to consistently deliver an effective service.  We want to empower our members by offering self-service solutions, to enable easy access to their pension information, and useful guides online.  Our customer mission is as follows:

Our mission is to deliver an effective service, providing our members with the tools they need to plan for their financial future

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