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Our Annual Report 2021/22 is ready to view online

Year in review 2022

AR One Page Summary 2021/22 (PDF) [41KB] (opens new window)

What's included?

  • how the Fund is governed and administered
  • how the Fund's £3bn of investments are managed and how they have performed
  • how the Fund assesses, measures and manages climate change risk
  • the statutory accounts

Visit our Annual Report and accounts webpage to view the full report, have also created an 18 page  highlights magazine detailing case studies, projects, events and work completed over the year.

Our vision is to deliver an outstanding service to our scheme employers and members.

The vision is supported by 16 strategic vision goals, which are focused on outcomes broadly mapped to employers, members, investments, and governance, but across the team staff are encouraged to think about how their work maps to different goals. Throughout the Annual report sections have been linked to the below listed goals. 

In order to improve engagement and accessibly, key information from the (144 page) annual report has been summarised and a series of documents have been created.

Annual report document collection

Please see the Annual report and accounts page for more information and links.





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