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How we run The Fund


Wiltshire Pension Fund Committee

Is the decision-making body responsible for running the Fund which meets around 8 times per year,   for more details about the scope and membership visit the Committees page. 

Local Pension Board

Oversees the management of the Fund to ensure that the Fund is operating in line with all strategies, policies, and legislative requirements, more information can be found on The Local Pension Boards page.

Further to the above, we also run an Employer Strategic Focus Group which is an informal way for the employers to engage with the Fund (via the officers and the employer representatives on the Pension Fund Committee) on strategic issues.  The group has been established to facilitate a 2-way dialogue, and to enable the employer representatives to feedback employers' views to the Committee.

Day-to-day, the Fund is run by the Pensions Team, visit our Get in touch page to read read more about the senior members of the team and their roles. 

In this section of the website, you can also read about the regulatory framework in which we operate, under compliance , find our policies and strategies , which set out how we do things, and find the reports from our triennial actuarial valuations , which set out our funding position, and establish the employers' contribution rates for the next three-year period.

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