Local Pension Board

The Local Pension Board (LPB) oversees the management of Wiltshire Pension Fund. The Board’s role is to assist the Fund in ensuring the efficient and effective governance and administration of the LGPS. This means ensuring that the Fund is compliant with relevant legislation with the aim to safeguard the interest of all Pension Fund members and associated employer organisations.

The LPB sits alongside the Wiltshire Pension Fund committee in an oversight role, to assist by reviewing governance arrangements of the Fund and ensuring policies and procedures are correctly implemented and followed. The Board consists of:

  • 3 scheme member representatives, and

  • 3 employer representatives

  • 1 non-voting Independent Chair

The current board members are: 

Independent Chair:

Howard Pearce – Former Head of Pension Fund Management – Environment Agency

Howard’s motivation for applying for the role of Independent Chair of Wiltshire Pension Fund was to assist the fund to become a beacon of excellence in the LGPS due his strong commitment to public service.   Between 2003-2013, Howard was the former Head of Pension Fund Management for the Environment Agency, with responsibility for two highly regarded LGPS funds, and for advising the Pension Committee and its Investment and Benefits Sub-Groups.  Between 2006-2013 he was also a member of the DCLG national LGPS policy review group.  After retiring in 2013, he undertook some consultancy work for the national LGPS Advisory Board on LGPS funds annual performance reporting via his consultancy company HowESG Ltd.  Currently he is also the Independent Chair of the Avon Pension Fund Local Pension Board, along with being Independent Chair of the Bank of Montreal asset management Responsible Investment Advisory Council, and Board member and Chair of the Audit Committee of Menhaden Capital PLC.  Previously he was a Board Member of Cowes Harbour Commission (an admitted body in the LGPS ), and a Trustee of an NHS charity, member of its Investment Sub-Group, and Chair of its Audit Committee.

Employer Representatives:

Sarah Holbrook – Finance Operations Manager- Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner.

Sarah has worked for Wiltshire Police since 1997 in a Finance Role. Starting as a Trainee Accounting Technician back in 1997. Sarah’s current portfolio picks up Payroll,  Pensions (both LGPS & Police Pensions) Accounts Payable, Purchasing and the Force Secretariat team. Throughout her career Sarah has been the primary contact in the force for pensions and has worked closely with both the LGPS Pensions team and with The Police Pensions provider. Sarah has extensive knowledge of the LGPS and is keen to work with the Board to ensure both employee and employer needs are being met.

Richard Britton - Wiltshire Councillor

Richard has served as a Wiltshire councillor for some years, and as Chairman of the Council from 2015 to 2017. Following a career in the early computer industry, Richard spent two decades buying or launching a variety of small businesses and building them for eventual sale. Richard has a Master’s Degree in Business Administration and still works as a commerical finance broker.

Ian Jones – Chief Operating Officer - The White Horse Federation

Ian is a Chartered Accountant with the White Horse Federation Multi Academy Trust & has accumulated significant senior level finance experience across a broad spectrum of sectors including the Automotive, Aerospace and Pharmaceutical industries. Whilst a Chief Finance Officer for a Pharmaceutical company he held a number of pension related posts, including Chair of a Defined Benefit Pension Committee before becoming Company liaison to the same Committee. Both of these roles have provided Ian with specific experience in pension accounting and disclosures. Now a COO with the White Horse Federation, Ian would like to offer his services & experience by representing both members & employers on the Wiltshire Pension Fund’s Local Pension board. In representation the Fund’s employers Ian is conscious that it is even more important to understand the broader profile of the LGPS membership and the growth in other non-Local Government organisations that the Fund also represents.

Scheme Member Representatives:

Barry Reed- Unison Representative – Retired Scheme Member

Barry has been a pensioner of the scheme since 2012, having served 44 years in public service. Barry served most of his career with the MoD, managing HR, finance, committee management and contracts policy which included a 4 year secondment with NATO. He then joined Local Government spending 11 years with North Wiltshire District Council and subsequently Wiltshire Council covering HR, Waste Management and Street Scene. Barry has played an active role as a member of Unison representing staff issues and becoming a member of the Branch Executive. He is a strong supporter of the LGPS as a key element of remuneration.

Mike Pankiewicz – Union Representative – Retired Scheme Member

Mike has been a member of the Wiltshire Pension Fund since 1988. For the past 28 years he has been an observer representing the Scheme Membership. Over this time, he has gained a significant amount of knowledge and understanding of the Wiltshire Pension Fund Committee and the Local Government Pension Scheme. Mike is a qualified accountant. He has also represented Unison at National Pension Conferences and Roundtable discussion events.

Rod Lauder – Technical Project Manager - Office of Wiltshire Council.

Rod joined Wiltshire Council as an ICT Technical Specialist in 2016 and now works as a Technical Project Manager running IT Infrastructure projects within the Programme Management Office. Prior to that, he spent 29 years in IT at British Airways, preceded by a spell as a Mill Supervisor on a small gold mine in Sudan. During his time at BA, he became very acquainted with their pension scheme; one of the few final salary schemes similar to our LGPS. He believes strongly in encouraging colleagues to make the most of their pension opportunities; particularly the younger members, for whom the idea of retirement seems far beyond the horizon 

Further Information

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