A new video published by Wiltshire Pension Fund is available on our YouTube channel for all members to watch; any time and anywhere!

15 Aug 2019

How to make the election, with details of the candidates and the link to the voting online form.

12 Aug 2019

Would you like to join us as a Scheme Member Representative on our Local Pension Board?

14 Jun 2019

A change to the scheme rules has been made to provide that survivor benefits payable to a same sex spouse or a civil partner are equal those paid to the widow of a male member.

15 Apr 2019

Last year The LGPS (Amendment) Regulations 2018 introduced the early payment of deferred benefits at age 55 for members who left active membership of the Scheme before 1 April 1998. A further change to the scheme rules has been made to allow these members to access their benefits early from the age of 55. I.e. at any point between age 55 and their Normal Retirement Date (NRD).

15 Apr 2019

14th November 2018, starting from 9:30am and finishing at 1:15pm. Open to all members and employers who are part of the Wiltshire Pension Fund.

06 Sep 2018

News article relating to Employer Newsletter Issue 33

03 Sep 2018

The UK Government recently published the Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) Amendment Regulations 2018 outlining some changes to the LGPS. These changes, unless indicated otherwise, come into effect from 14 May 2018 and are summarised below.

12 Jul 2018

General Data Protection Regulation - Privacy policy

26 Apr 2018